Premium .CO.ZA Domain Name = Valuable Asset

Did you know that your Premium .CO.ZA Domain Name can actually be one of your biggest assets?

Here are some of the benefits you will have with your Premium .CO.ZA Domain Name:

  1. Greater visibility online ie. better rankings on Google and other popular Search Engines
  2. Status Symbol – to have the premium domain name PROPERTYRENTALS.CO.ZA or LETTING.CO.ZA when you are in the real estate letting industry will give you the credibility you need to stand out in the crowd.
  3. Competition Crusher – to have the domain name COUNTERTOPS.CO.ZA or WEBSITES.CO.ZA when that is what you do, clients will more likely choose to do business with you
  4. More direct type-in traffic
  5. Coupled with your website, your Premium .CO.ZA Domain Name is a big part of your marketing expense that is also completely TAX deductible

In the past, many startups who invested in a proper Premium Domain Name, reaped the benefits from the moment they started operations.

When opening a business, the first thing you think about is Location. Where will people – your possible clients – notice you more often? Most likely you will spend a pretty penny on the right location, and pay a heavy rental price for that storefront or office space. Many forget that having a website on the internet is like having a 24 Hour shopfront or office – and to have the BEST LOCATION (aka ADDRESS) on the internet is to have the BEST DOMAIN NAME (aka WEBSITE ADDRESS) on the internet. So, if you can spend tens of thousands on a good shopfront or office space, surely it makes sense to pay  a little extra for a Premium .CO.ZA Domain Name and be found at the BEST WEBSITE ADDRESS for your industry!

The best thing about your Premium .CO.ZA Domain Name is that it will always stay the same! It will never need to change even if you move your physical business to another city or when the government decides to change the street name where you are located – you can rest assured that you will always be found at the PRIMELOCATION.CO.ZA for your industry!